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Create Texture Files:

  1. Open ShaderMap4 > Open the coloured texture (TGA) file

  2. Save the AO file (used when the ORM file is generated)

  3. Create a Metalness file > Save As "_M" (used in the Alpha channel)

  4. Create a Roughness file > Save As "_R" (pasted into the Blue channel)


Create NRM Files:

  1. Open the Normal "_N" file in Photoshop

  2. Channels > add new Alpha

  3. Paste the Metalness "_M" file into the Alpha 1 channel

  4. Paste the Roughness "_R" file into the Blue channel

  5. Select Green and Invert (CTRL+I)

  6. Select RGB + Alpha > Save As "_nrm" (CTRL+ALT+S) > DDS NVIDIA > BC3 > Save

Create DDS Files:

  1. Open Colour "_D" + "AO" files in Photoshop

  2. Save As (CTRL+ALT+S) > DDS NVIDIA > BC3 > Save (remove " copy")

Create ORM Files:

  1. Place the Coloured + "_nrm" DDS files into a folder (ORM Generation)

  2. Add the "WWE 2K DDS to AEW ORMs" Python script + run it

  3. It will create a new "tga" folder containing the new "_orm" files (delete the rest)

  4. Open the "_orm" files in Photoshop

  5. Paste the AO (DDS) file into the Red channel > select RGB > Save (CTRL+S)

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