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Import & Pose the Model:

  1. Import ASCII into Blender

  2. Rename the Objects

  3. Rename the Left and Right bones (add .L and .R to the end)

    • Allows you to pose one side and have the other side auto-mirror what you're doing (halving the work).

    • E.g. "Upper Left Elbow" and "Upper Right Elbow" would need to be "Upper Elbow.L" and "Upper Elbow.R"

    • For mirroring to work (they have the EXACT same name aside from the .L and .R suffix)

  4. Scale + Pose the model (use the pose data from King)

  5. Save as OBJ file (to remove the Skeleton)

Import OBJ file, transfer weights + remove vertices:

  1. Import the OBJ file into a new instance of Blender

  2. Manually select each object > Object > Join > rename to "Body"

  3. Change the Textures: Object mode > select Body > Context materials (red circle)

  4. Import Wardlow .PSK file (used for the base skeleton)

  5. Weights: Select Wardlow object file > Shift click to select the Body object > Weight Paint

    • Body object should be blue, not Wardlow

  6. Weights > Transfer Weights

    • Vertex Mapping = Nearest Edge Interpolated

    • Source Layers Selection = By Name

  7. Object Mode > Delete the Wardlow object file (keep the rest)

  8. Delete the "F_" Vertex Groups from the Body (these are face bones)

    • If they have a mask head (e.g. King) also remove "J_Eye" and "J_Tongue" files.

  9. Weight the Head: Edit mode > Wireframe mode > select Lasso

    • Draw a ring around the head > click "J_Head" > click Assign

    • Weight Paint > Weights > Smooth > Iterations = 1, 2, or 3

  10. Object Mode > select the Body > Object > Apply All Transforms

  11. Drag the Body object into the Wardlow Armature (hold shift to parent to object)

  12. Select Body > Wrench icon > Add Modifier > Armature

  13. Object = Armature > Object > Apply All Transforms

  14. Edit Mode > Select None > A (select all)

    • Vertex > Merge Vertices = By Distance

    • ALT+N > Set From Faces

  15. Save the file > Export as FBX

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