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Get Thumbnail from FModel:

  1. Open FModel > Loading Mode = All > click Load

  2. Navigate to AEWFightForever\Content\GameData\Resources\Textures\Create\Wrestler

  3. Select the Wrestler folder > click on the Packages tab (e.g. 1382 Packages)

  4. The textures are in the same order they appear in CAW mode > double-click them to open and view the .png preview image (there's a lot of files here)

  5. Right-click the image you want > Save Image

  6. Click the link in the console area (bottom of FModel) > this opens the folder with your saved image

Convert .png into TGA file:

  1. Open the .png in Photoshop > paste the image you want to use as a new layer > delete the original layer

  2. Right click your layer > Mask All Objects

  3. Channels tab > create new Alpha channel > make sure you only have the Object Mask channel selected (this should now show a black & white image)

  4. Select all (CTRL+A) > open a new Photoshop tab (CTRL+N) > Double click "Clipboard" to create a new file using the same dimensions > Paste the Object Mask (CTRL+V)

  5. In the new tab select all (CTRL+A) > Copy / paste into the Alpha channel you created on the original file.

  6. Layers tab > Right click the Object Mask > Delete Group

  7. Save As (CTRL+ALT+S) Targa .TGA file (KEEP THE ORIGINAL NAME) > Targa Options must be 32 bits/pix for the Alpha channel to work


Load TGA file into your Unreal Project:

  1. Make sure you have the following folder structure created; GameData\Resources\Textures\Create\Wrestler

  2. Add your TGA file into the "Wrestler" folder above

  3. Double click to open and check that the transparency worked (Alpha should = true) > This is how the image will look in game

  4. Add the texture to whichever pak chunk you are using > Package your project!

  5. Add the new Pak files into your ~mods folder and run the game via the patched launcher

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